Video from our Algarve Event at Praia Maria Louisa, Albufeira
to celebrate our cooperation with
Sandart by famous Portuguese artist Vitor Raposo

Art & NFT specialized Cryptocurrency based out of Dubai. Well established since 2018. ECOREAL is a specialized and unique Cryptocurrency for NFT’s, Artworks, Paintings, Artists, Collectors, and Galleries worldwide.
Instagram: @worldarts_by_ecoreal

ECOREAL FACTS (Coinmarketcap Data as of May 2023)

Ecoreal Max. Supply (Token)
Ecoreal Market Cap in USD
Ecoreal Market Cap in USD Circulating Supply
Ecoreal daily turnover on the exchanges in USD

ECOREAL Art Channel on Instagram

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ECOREAL is a Coinmarketcap TOP ranked Cryptocurrency based out of Dubai.

  • Based on the ERC 20 Standard.
  • Verified in the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Traded on major Crypto Exchange.

ECOREAL, a TOP CMC Cryptocurrency will be part of the basket for CMC200 EX BTC Index and CMC200 Index shortly  and will be part of four of the business world’s flagship trading products integrating cryptocurrency data into the financial world once ranked amongst the TOP 200 Cryptocurrencies in the world.

NASDAQ GIBS, Bloomberg Terminals, Thomson Reuters Eikon, the industry-grade financial and trading products for their respective platforms, as well as Börse Stuttgart, the second-largest stock exchange in Germany will now integrate Crypto data from CoinMarketCap, allowing traders to track the cryptocurrency markets in real time.


CMC Crypto 200 Index 

Bloomberg Ticker: CMC200 Index – RIC Ticker: .CMC200

CMC Crypto 200 Ex Bitcoin Index

Bloomberg Ticker: CMC200EX Index – RIC Ticker: .CMC200EX

While most Tokens are potentially a high risk, Ecoreal gives stability to its token holders.

Prospective low downside volatility*:
Be part of something without competition.
Prospective high upside growth*:
Expanding on what is already a success.

*Long time view

 Ecoreal v2 Etherscan Contract Address:


The ETHERSCAN address is for the ECOREAL token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it.

Ecoreal is listed and traded against USDT and BTC on

Probit Global 



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